Quick Note: Me & Them



I’ve never felt that there was an “us” or “we” with anyone in my life. I’ve always felt like an outsider. Family is nice. Friends are nice. Even the odd acquaintance is nice. That’s where it ends.

woman-591576_1280Even though I have these great people in my life, I’ve always felt like the outsider. At family events, I often find a corner to sit in after I fake a smile and answer a few of the most random of questions people may have for me. This is why I work so hard to avoid them! I don’t like questions and these events make me feel very uncomfortable.

Over time, friends have been let go because I don’t feel like I fit in with them, either. Acquaintances are nice because some come into my life and slip away with no fuss.

In my world, there is a big divide of me and them. Them being family, friends, and anyone else who appear in my life. It might seem a bit lonely, but it’s truly pleasant for me as an unsocial person. I don’t think people understand that because they seem disappointed if I’m not at family gatherings or if I avoid social functions or if I turn down an invitation.

I prefer my alone time. I hate faking my way through events. So, why girl-690614_1280bother?

This is just my honest opinion about why I avoid social interactions. I’m perfectly fine. I’m plenty happy. And believe it or not, I’m a totally positive person. I’m just highly unsocial.


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