When It Comes to Friends… Pt 2

Maintaining friendships can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have the social skills to do so. There is the feeling that the person may not accept you as you are or that you are a blip on a person’s radar. Making … Continue reading

When it comes to friends… Pt. 1

It’s this time of year that I start tearing up at not having many friends. It’s part by choice and part by the way I am. I can be a bit picky and over the years I’ve learned that my … Continue reading

Getting Ready for THE Holiday.

Thanksgiving’s end mean Christmas’ time to shine. Many reasons to love Christmas, including family.  I will use those tips from the previous Thanksgiving post, and include more for actually including people. There are various ways that you can have enjoy … Continue reading

No Longer Apologizing for Who I Am

I think the dead give away that I am not very confident is my constant need to apologize for what I say and do. I do not particulary feel this is a requirement, but still, I tend to do things … Continue reading

This for That: A positive way to handle 3 areas of life w/ SA

As you know, and for those that don’t, people with SA experience tremendous difficulty through out their life, especially when social interactions are tossed in the mix. Simply sitting down for a meal in a restaurant can trigger anxiety. Every … Continue reading