Quick Note: Enjoying A Fourth of July With Others


I usually spend the Fourth of July with my family and we spend it here at home. People sometimes stop by so we have enough food for them. I get to see my brother and his family and maybe my other siblings who usually have other plans. Everything lasts most of the day. At the end, when people are going home, only then do we decide to see the fireworks. Even with anxiety I enjoy fireworks. (I tend to hate over stimulation of noises, crowds, and bursting lights).

In the past, I’ve opted to spend holidays alone. For some reason, the Fourth of July is much different. I usually spend it at home rather than at the house of relatives. I’m not forced to go out and I can spend plenty of time in my room or just about the house. This holiday has less pressure to be social. Even though it’s not my favorite, it’s not so bad. I don’t mind celebrating as much.

Tomorrow, I will likely eat a bit of barbecue and decide at last minute to enjoy some fireworks. Maybe this time I will plan ahead to do so. Last minute planning means missing most of the fireworks show.

Whatever I decide, I’m less worried than I usually am. I’m loping forward to my holiday; it will be pleasant.


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