Love Inside & Out


Valentine’s Day is very fun, especially with someone special. This someone doesn’t necessarily have to be a significant other, but just anyone who matters in your life. It’s important to know that during this time you are most definitely not alone. Look around and think of those lovely people in your life who provide you with support! If you look and not one single person comes to mind, then check the mirror. That person deserves love and that love should come from the person reflected. This day can be celebrated by both the single and non-single. heart-583895_640

Spend the day with positive thoughts and actions directed to making yourself feel most important. Loving yourself can be practiced by being kind to yourself and being more aware of yourself as a human being. Self-compassion can positively influence your view of yourself and make you much happier with yourself as a person. Be less hard on yourself, be happy with your accomplishments along with the many things you have in your life.

Buy yourself something nice. Chocolate dipped strawberries are my faves! Smile through out the day. And most importantly, show yourself kindness and

In addition to showing yourself love, show kindness and gratitude to those around you. Pass out nice Valentine’s Day treats or cards. This is a time where you can be crafty. Create a unique item to show someone or a few someones that you are thinking of them. This will most definitely bring a smile to their face. Check out these cool easy crafts from HGTV.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a time when single folk are upset that they aren’t at the center of someone’s heart and affections. This holiday is not only for the love birds. Love can be experienced in many ways. You can show love to others as well as turn it inwards. Happy Valentine’s Day!

How do you spend this holiday & why?


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