Quick Note: Smiling My Way Through It


Social situations bring out a side in me I truly don’t understand. I smile more, I’m nicer, and I’m trying my hardest. What for? I’m not enjoying this and the situation is getting more and more awkward.

I never understood why until I was graced with a constant presence of an unpleasant person.

This is not only a personal thing. I often experience this at work. Being social at work is quite difficult and never fun.

So how do I handle this? I grin like an idiot, then afterwards when I’m all alone, I spew out crazy combinations of curse words.

Does it help to just let it go and smile my way through? Not, really. But what can I do?


3 thoughts on “Quick Note: Smiling My Way Through It

  1. I notice this a lot at work, especially when dealing with more difficult clients. I feel like being pleasant while dealing with someone unpleasant shows that you’re not sinking to their level. Even if you’re completely frustrated inside. Its just something I’ve always done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. At work, this experience is torture. It’s a go-to in any unpleasant situation. With co-workers and even the big boss, it gets me through until I can think about it later. So you’re right, it can be a blessing even though it’s just a mask for my inner frustrations.

      • So true. It also doesn’t help that I hate confrontation, so I wouldn’t purposely upset someone anyways 😛 Ah, such is life haha.

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