When it comes to friends… Pt. 1


It’s this time of year that I start tearing up at not having many friends. It’s part by choice and part by the way I am.

I can be a bit picky and over the years I’ve learned that my persnickety nature comes from often being misunderstood. According to some, I’m rather boring, annoying, and selfish. These are just the few complaints I’ve heard. I’m sure this has some part of how I choose friends and why I’m so wary of those who become acquaintances.

There are times when I feel lonely and wish for a close friend or a circle of friends like those you see on tv, but then, I back away from the situations that involve people.

I’m not sure why it’s hard to make and keep friends, but part of me believes that being an introvert (deeply so) and having social anxiety is a part of that. In what way my personality and beliefs are influenced by this is another topic entirely.

163450213_18478d3aa6_zI would love friends who are loyal, respectful, and who will like me quirks and all.

If you are ever in a situation with friends who do not respect you or who treat you as if you are below mud, know that you deserve better. I encourage people to find happiness and joy and having bitter, spiteful people around does nothing for you in the long run.

Friends are great for many reasons. I can understand the point. However, there are times when I don’t understand the concept of friendship and tend to not fully be capable of cultivating and maintaining friendships.

I will try with the help of the lovely websites online that promote and encourage the development of social skills. I hope to open up a bit more to opportunities of friendships. (That’s on my NY’s Res List).


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