Getting Ready for THE Holiday.


Thanksgiving’s end mean Christmas’ time to shine. Many reasons to love Christmas, including family.  I will use those tips from the previous Thanksgiving post, and include more for actually including people. There are various ways that you can have enjoy company and visit the house of others with out going into a panic or being so drained that you can’t fully celebrate Christmas. You must still have a great time!

Christmas is not only a time for friends, gifts, and family. It’s also a time to celebrate the ending of the year. I use this time to reflect and plan for the upcoming year. Was 2014 successful? What can I do to make 2015 MY year? Can I do things differently? All of those are answered before New Years Eve, and planned during the New Year’s first week.

But enough about that. Let’s get on to some of the ideas I have for celebrating Christmas and some things that I have done to make the holidays better.

Things to do this holiday:

There are so many things to do to get you in the mood for

  • Cooking and baking holiday treats
  • Shopping online
  • Watching Holiday faves
  • Hot cocoa and other holiday inspired drinks
  • Singing or listening to carols
  • Reading heart-warming Christmas tales.
  • Wearing your puffy winter gear
  • Decorating!!!
  • Checking out the decorations around town.
  • Wrapping presents.
  • Advent calendars! Here’s my fave

How to Include People:alcohol-492871_640

  • Make plans with immediate family.
  • Allow 30 minutes to an hour with each visit.
  • Visit people on different days.
  • Keep visits shorts.
  • Only do phone calls.
  • Send out Christmas cards with a warm personal message.

How to NOT Include People:

  • Make plans and inform others of those plans.
  • Tell those nearest and dearest that you would like to be alone. (The truth.)
  • Tell those nearest and dearest that you have other plans. (May not be the truth.)
  • Simply stay in.
  • Send out Christmas cards to let others know you are thinking of them. (You don’t have to see or visit them.)

When shopping:

  • Go during hours when many aren’t around.
  • Online shopping allows you to avoid people and make purchases. You can even catch some quality deals.
  • Plan ahead in case you must brave the crowds. Planning ahead can help you to avoid panics and public discomfort. Get from point A to B to C then back to A. A being home :).
  • Ask someone if they could get your holiday gifts for you. I’ve done this many times when I didn’t want to deal with crowds. Hand them the money, they hand you the gifts. All is done.

Planning for 2015:

  • Get a journal or hit the app stores to find the perfect app to write out your goals for 2015.
  • Write out each goal and don’t worry too much about them. Planning a month ahead gives you an advantage.
  • Try to work on them now before the new year hits.
  • Be happy that it’s 2015! Much to be excited about.

Dealing with the holidays can be tricky, especially for those with social difficulties. These tips are some that I follow and also my back up if need be. Always planning ahead will give you the advantage of dealing with whatever dilemma on your terms and with the least amount of stress possible. Things do come up and things do change. Just be ready to deal with them as they come.

Enjoy your holidays!


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