To Go or Not to Go… Not to Go.

Before reading: This is my view as an introvert and a person with social anxiety. Sometimes, I just want to enjoy my holidays alone or with a few of those who are near and dear. And I do mean a few.






Gobble, gobble! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I’m not too happy about that. While I love the food and orange is so my color, I do not look forward to the forced family time. It’s the reason for the season for many, but for me, it’s a sea of draining conversations and miserable family bonding. If it was just the siblings, that would be fine. However, this is the one entire side of the family.

David Lee, Flickr

David Lee, Flickr

Should I be forced to attend a family holiday event???

I don’t think so. I want to enjoy parts of a turkey and may be some brussels and dressing all alone. Then, top it off with a book while snuggly wrapped in a blanket. There may even be a bit of Hulu in there.

I’m taking Thanksgiving back for introverts and for people who simply don’t like social events for their own reasons. 

Some reasons to make it a big celebration include…I have nothing. I can see family any time of the year! I can call them up and make plans, and vise versa. We’re not at all chummy, really, and to pick up and make it seem so about once or twice a year doesn’t do much.

The holidays doesn’t have to be draining! I love Thanksgiving and it’s close sibling Christmas. It’s a time to be happy and to enjoy it on our terms.



This year, let’s have an Introverts Thanksgiving. Enjoy this holiday however you want! Cook your own goodies, ask yourself what are you thankful for, catch up on some online shopping if that’s your thing, and read a good book.

I will not forget to do a post on a few Introvert Thanksgiving Ideas to make this a real thing. If you have anymore to add, let me know :).

Side note: I understand there are introverts who rather enjoy the company of others. I would like to hear from you as well.




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