The Solo Thanksgiving Guide

hppyturkyday2014Every year, I sit through a meal with my family. I have to swim through their questions and comments and often leave the house feeling more stressed than jolly.

If you are like me, you may be thinking about spending Turkey Day 2014 alone. This isn’t such a bad idea. Here are some tips for people who want to take the solo route for Thanksgiving 2014 Jade:



1. Call, text, or email your family. Another option, a quick visit. Going solo is a means to avoid the stress not, not to shut the door on family. Letting them know you are thinking of them will relieve their worries (if they have any) and bring a smile to their face. So stop by or make contact, and get back to your scheduled solo holiday.

2. Find a good book, video game, a great movie, on some of your fave Fall 2014 shows. I have a few that I hope to snuggle up with. If you are streaming, check out a movie you’ve been wanting to see but had no time for.

3. Cook up something you rarely get to have on the day of turkey. When visiting with people, I sometimes see that what I want may not be on the table. So this year, going solo, I will make up a dish of my butternut squash risotto. Yum! Search online for some great recipes or be creative and make up your on holiday dish.

4. Catch up on online deals! Plan out your holiday shopping list. Black Friday is another story. I’ve avoided it and have still found ways to get my Christmas shopping done. I shop earlier in the year when there are deals and also when there are cool gifts available online.

Knitting Hands, Chris, Flickr

Knitting Hands, Chris, Flickr

5. Spend time on your hobbies and art. Use the holiday as inspiration to be creative. Write, draw, paint, knit, crochet, whatever your heart drives you to do.

If you have anymore to add, please head to twitter for #introvertThanksgiving & #saThanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “The Solo Thanksgiving Guide

    • Thanks for the comment. You are my first commenter. I enjoyed my holiday and actually wound up being persuaded out of the house. It wasn’t bad but I did duck out quietly when the overly social part of the party came about.

      I still would have rather been to myself because it’s just my usual way. This blog post, though, is to say it’s not so bad enjoying the holidays alone if that’s your choice.

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