10 Halloween Ideas for SA, Introverts, & SP

Before you continue: Some of these may have triggers for some who have other anxieties and phobias along with their SA and SP. These are designed for those who are able to experience these with no trouble. All in the fun of the holiday. 


Don’t fret! We can still have fun on this day celebrated by MANY. Here are 10 (Read that TEN!) fun ideas to do that involve fewer people and even more fun. Don’t miss out on the holiday experience because you are too wiped out or nervous to attend parties. For the 20 and 30 somethings looking for a good time, consider these tips. They are last-minute, introvert, SA and SP friendly!

  1. Dress up and invite over a friend and exchange candy.
  2. Write a ghost story! Channel the spirit of the holiday and create a prose worthy of toe curling screams. Flex those creative muscles to come up with an amazing yet fear inducing tale! Use these cool frightful words from Dictionary.com to inspire you!


    Ashley Anderson, WordPress

  3. Watch a horror movie or TV show solo or with a friend or two or more. May I suggest “The Walking Dead,” “American Horror Story,””Salem,” “Fright Night,” “Grimm,” and “The Others.” Older goodies that are also my faves “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Being Human,” “Bedlam,” “Silent Hill,” “House on Haunted Hill,” and “In The Flesh.” Much drama and cool spooky elements. All are available online at Hulu and Amazon.
  4. Decorate if you haven’t already. Doing so is simply fun. Including the cool fall colors and cute or scary pumpkins is a great way to get in the spirit of Halloween.
  5. Social media will be full of cool Halloween pictures from events to cool costumes. Stay in a read up on it. The smile will be worth it.
  6. Read a good scary story. There are many. For a quick read, check out these 16 short stories from Buzzfeed. For a longer spooky read, browse this great collection of popular books found on Good Reads.
  7. There are Virtual Haunted Houses online to checkout. WARNING: CAN TRIGGER! For those who are okay with the thrills of the haunted house, check out FrightBytes, a cool virtual haunted house, sure to spook you at your desk or couch. (I’d keep the lights on.)

  8.  Hand out candy to the trick or treaters. Very traditional and less socially draining, this holiday favorite is quite simple. Get some goodies from a local store and hand them out. Once again, last-minute friendly.
  9. Do a quick in and out at a party. If you have been invited or want to crash a Halloween bash, show up and leave with grace. Sweep in wearing a costume, then mysteriously vanish about 10 to 30 minutes later.
  10. Nothing. This is an option and it’s one I’ve chosen more than once over the years. Whether too busy, uninterested, or simply not feeling Halloween this year, this option is available. Plus, there’s always next year and many hence forth. And even nothing can be fun for some.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and make the most of it. If you dress up, remember to snap plenty of photos! Have a spooky good time! Do you have any ideas that could benefit the Unsocial community? #Positivity4SAnSP #Fun4Introverts


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