Unsocial Gatherings: A gathering for those with social difficulties

SONY DSCTake a peek into the lives of the two admins of this blog. I’m Ashley, and he’s Alex, and we’re both here to tell you that we’re normal and deserve to be happy! We will discuss the challenges and various aspects there are to having social disorders in a society that favors outgoing, confident, and extroverted people. Hopefully, our content will provide you with entertaining thoughts and a few chuckles.

We’ve been there and done that. We have been on that side of the moon that so many people don’t dare speak of. In our everyday life, we have experienced the crazy things that most socially awkward people do. I have social phobia and the other blogger has Autism.

If you have experienced either, you know that navigating the world of socializing is pretty challenging. Being awkward and inept does not help! Mistakes and social fopaux are normal parts of our interactive habits. While others may not understand us, we are still, in our own way, totally normal.

That’s right. We have nothing to feel shame about! Some social events can be funny, others can be scary, but we are still pretty darn normal, no matter how our social mishaps interfere with our daily lives.

This blog was created by two socially fumbling misfits who are just trying to figure it all out. We want to discuss the funny parts and the serious 434778868_1aecd2c33bparts of being socially inept introverts while living in this big weird place that has specific standards for interactions. One size does not fit all, and we definitely don’t fit in. And that’s okay!

While I’m not a medical expert, I’ve learned how to maneuver around the various obstacles in my path. I’ve developed a sense of humor about some things and learned some things that could possibly help others.

Our message for others who have not experienced what it’s like to be social misfits is this: Don’t judge us, we’re perfectly fine the way we are. Feel free to explore our side of things and understand who we are and how we see and experience the social world.

We will discuss topics and learn to laugh at ourselves all while exploring the ins and outs of socializing. Through the wisdom gained from our experiences, we hope we can shine a light on the social difficulties we all face and show others a different way of looking at our interactions with others.


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